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The new FDA vaping rules are here, and they aren’t as bad as expected

Over the past several months, FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb has been appearing in mainstream media while threatening a series of new, harsher regulations for the American vaping industry.  His main issue of contempt seems to stem from internal data suggesting a 70 percent rise in teen vaping over the past year. 

During his media blitz this summer, Gottlieb has consistently attacked the vaping industry by accusing multiple vendors of using kid-appealing marketing practices designed to attract and engage underage purchases.  He’s also aggressively taken issue with the names of several favored e-liquids, especially those that mimic the branding styles of popular candies, cookies, cereals, and other child-friendly grocery products.

As his indignation towards teen vaping grew more pronounced, FDA Commissioner Gottlieb openly considered a ban on the sales of all flavored e-liquids whether purchased online or through typical brick-and-mortars.  In an interview at an Axious-hosted event in Washington DC this summer, he contemplated banning all vape sales entirely, including vape mods, coils, tanks, and other technology.  And in the meantime, he’s even launched an FDA probe into teen vaping while specifically targeting some 26 vapor companies – Juul Labs most specifically.

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Why Juul?  Because research indicates that Juul products are the most popular among middle and high school students.  Coincidentally, the sales of Juul flavor pods and devices also boast about 70 percent of the total market share in the United States. 

Well, those new FDA regulations were just announced yesterday, and they do not appear to be as potentially devastating to the vaping community as many were anticipating.  In fact, it appears as if Gottlieb is taking great pains to provide clear and decisive distinctions between vaping and smoking – or rather vapor products versus combustible tobacco products.

Overview of the new FDA vaping regulations


  1. Vape必须与传统的香烟,雪茄和其他可燃烟草产品区别对待。戈特利布采取了一个光荣的步骤,公开承认与吸烟相比,对公共健康的危害要小得多。 
  2. Gottlieb似乎在他的心中有一个特殊的地方,美国vape商店。虽然该文件讨论了对FDA合规政策和监管要求的几项新修订,但在大多数情况下,他明确指出“vape商店”和其他受年龄限制的场所被排除在外。
  3. 戈特利布还表示,美国食品和药物管理局正在“重新审视合规政策”,针对非年龄限制的砖和迫击炮(加油站,便利店等)销售的调味vapes,以防止青少年吸食。  
  4. 然而,烟草,薄荷醇和薄荷味蒸气产品被排除在预期的实体监管修订之外。事实上,戈特利布甚至需要时间来解释他的推理。Gottlieb着眼于禁止所有薄荷卷烟和其他有味的可燃烟草产品。他知道这对于数百万美国吸烟者来说是一个艰难的习惯。根据Gottlieb的说法,他宁愿喜欢薄荷醇的吸烟者也会使用薄荷味的vape作为减少烟草危害的工具(戒烟辅助工具)。这尤其值得注意,因为看起来Gottlieb宁愿薄荷烟酒者过渡到vaping而不是简单地转向非薄荷醇品牌的香烟。
  5. 关于全新的监管更新,在线vape商店无需担心FDA - 但是!戈特利布说:“每当我们看到这些产品在线销售给未成年人时,FDA将继续执行法律(禁止未成年人销售)” 
  6. 然而,FDA正在“重新审视”在线年龄验证和其他年龄限制性协议的问题。换句话说,电子商务网站可以更好地帮助美国食品和药物管理局减少青少年在美国的速度 - 而且很快 - 或者其他!
  7. 美国食品和药物管理局威胁要从市场上“移除”某些具有吸引力的吸引人的vaping产品 - 无论是在线还是其他方式),尤其是那些“使用受欢迎的儿童卡通或动画角色,或者像糖果或汽水等品牌的孩子喜欢的产品名称”。 

在美国食品和药物管理局发布这些新法规之前的几天里,大烟草公司奥驰亚宣布将立即从商店货架上拉出其风味雪茄烟和其他vaping产品组合。Juul Labs本周采取了类似的行动。

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